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Malti Laxman Khatri
/ Research Associate, R&D, GlaxoSmithKline, Nashik
It was a great learning experience at RAP Training Center. As also I am extremely obliged to thank Rohan Sir who took extra efforts for helping me with my placement at Glaxo Pharmaceuticals (GSK) in Research and Development at the post of Research Associate. Without his training it would have been very difficult for me to handle software at GSK. The lectures conducted by him and the notes provided by him are extremely useful for cracking placement interviews at pharmaceutical companies. It gives me immense pleasure to say that Sir gave me extra time for giving troubleshooting tips for HPLC AND GC. I appreciate his knowledge and the concept of analytical training at such an economical price.
Manohar Sonawane
/ M.Sc. (Biotechnology), NDMVP College, Nashik
Previously, I didn't have practical knowledge about HPLC, GC & UV but when I went through the course modules, I felt that doing this course on analytical instruments would help me to get hands-on training and help me to make a transition from a student to an industry ready person in a much smoother way. The course gave me the necessary technical skills to make this transition. Whatever was there in my mind at the beginning of this course, whatever objectives I have had, they all have been met. The course structure was very well formed. They covered almost everything required for an industry to function & as a fresher to know about it. It is a very nice course to make a fresher ready for industry."
Shambala Patil
/ M.Pharm (Pharmacology), COP, Nashik
Ever-since I have completed RAP analytical instrument handling & training I got more confident about HPLC, GC & UV spectroscopy based on thorough knowledge that provided in class by Mr. Rohan Pawar sir. Industrial oriented skillful handling of analytical instruments with more practice is more special I would say about this institute.
Sayali Khairnar
/ M.Sc. (Biotechnology), NDMVP College, Nashik
Practical knowledge of Analytical techniques such as HPLC, GC, UV is very important when you wish to work in an industry. RAP Analytical has provided a best platform for those who intend to have the practical knowledge of these techniques. In the 21 days course , I learned how to handle all the instruments , troubleshooting & many concepts got cleared. I got an awesome experience here & it will help me a lot in the future.
Nikita Wagh
M. Pharrm in QA, PRES College of Pharmacy, Loni
I feel so glad to share and celebrate with you that I have completed my post graduation project with "O" (outstanding) grade. And Second main reason to write this testimonial is This Journey would have not been complete and taken such a mesmerizing end without your assertive support, edifying experience and emphasis of your faith on me!
For me you are equally titleholders of this movement! Special Thanks to Rohan Sir and Dear Shivani.

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Akshay Patil
M. Pharrm, Bombay College of Pharmacy (BCP), Mumbai
It was so helpful for me to understand novel job opportunities. Speakers were really full of knowledge & enthusiastic which put feather in our hat of knowledge. Everyone please definitely attend this workshop that will be really helpful for you all!
Atul Pund
M. Pharrm, Blue Cross Laboratories, Nashik.
Before registration I had lots of questions in my mind, like whether it will possible to learn things in just 2 days and many more, still I registered! It was just an amazing platform & I learnt many things. It was a good experience and It helped me during my M.Pharm research, also I learnt about software operating which helped me during job search. I won't request you to attend it, rather I would force you all to attend the workshop.
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